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[Less Stress. More Joy] Day 1 – Bookend the Day

  Thanksgiving and Christmas are joyful, peaceful and love-filled, right? Then, why are people more stressed out this time of year than any other time of the year, even more than tax season!? The obvious reasons: glutton, commercialism, distractions out of routine and focus away from our quiet time. Over the next 5 days I’m… Continue Reading

PiYo Workout Results and Review

  “PiYo has the benefits of massage + physical therapy masked as a fun fat burning workout.” – Ashley Mahaffey   My PiYo Results – The Quick List: Reduced: stress levels, lower body fat, elimination of cellulite, low back and hip pain due to poor flexibility. Gains: defined, lean muscles, no more cellulite, significant hip… Continue Reading

Is Sugar Really Bad for You?

What could be more comforting that sugar? We love it in our drinks, deserts and have even come to expect it in our salad dressings and soups. Sugar conjures up happy memories, warm feelings and satisfies our cravings. But is that brownie poisoning you? Yes, it is. The research is indisputable: sugar is bad for… Continue Reading

May 1240 Glute Challenge

Besides looking great in a pair of jeans, strong glutes are great hip stabilizers. Runners, cyclists and all other athletes need powerful glutes. Objective: Complete 1240 cursty lunge/squats by the end of May. That’s 20 on each leg for 31 days. Daily: 20 Curtsy lunge/squats on each leg. The Kicker!: You need to use a… Continue Reading

April 1500 Pushup Challenge

The pushup is a great measure for strength. This is the focus for April. Objective: Complete 1500 Pushups by the end of April. That’s 50 each day for 30 days. Daily: 50 Pushups. You may string them together in as many reps as you’re able, IE. 5 sets of 10. If you need a further… Continue Reading