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Stephanie’s 60 Pound Transformation

When you get excited for a friend’s weight loss transformation you’re in the right lane.

scoleyI met Stephanie Coley on Facebook.  I’m bursting with joy about her new life, mindset, energy and pain free.

She started with Shaun T and now she’s meeting up with him again with his newest program, INSANITY MAX: 30.  Read about her journey HERE

Celebrate the wins of others!


May 1240 Glute Challenge

Besides looking great in a pair of jeans, strong glutes are great hip stabilizers. Runners, cyclists and all other athletes need powerful glutes. Objective: Complete 1240 cursty lunge/squats by the end of May. That’s 20 on each leg for 31 days. Daily: 20 Curtsy lunge/squats on each leg. The Kicker!: You need to use a… Continue Reading

April 1500 Pushup Challenge

The pushup is a great measure for strength. This is the focus for April. Objective: Complete 1500 Pushups by the end of April. That’s 50 each day for 30 days. Daily: 50 Pushups. You may string them together in as many reps as you’re able, IE. 5 sets of 10. If you need a further… Continue Reading