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Decide to Make Your Fitness a Success

Jaimee did it. So can you! The time and sweat you invest in your fitness strategy are indicators of the level of your transformation. The maximum fitness transformation is when, without a doubt, you are: Powerful. Successful in your mindset. a Respected and Disciplined physical presence. intimately Confident in relationships. living Fully. Honoring all that… Continue Reading

Are Your Core Muscles Causing Back or Neck Pain?

Weak core muscles can be exhausting. “Oh, my back!” Do you ever utter those words? How are your neck and shoulders feeling? If you are struggling with pain in your lower back, neck or shoulders, your core muscles may be to blame. Your core muscles include those in your spine, pelvis, hips, and abdominal areas.… Continue Reading

Hurricane Workout

This is awesome! I just got an email from Donna who has boarded up her home in Cozumel, Mexico because Hurricane Rina is due to hit today.  She messaged me that she was sad to miss her workout today.  I quickly replied that she could tether her TRX to her circular staircase and pop in… Continue Reading

What Happens in the Sheets Matters

Does it seem too good to be true? It isn’t! If you are gaining weight or struggling to lose weight, sleeping more might be the breakthrough you need. Scientists agree that the amount of time you sleep is directly related to how much you weigh. And while 65% percent of Americans are overweight or obese,… Continue Reading

The Fat Lurking Ingredient

Is this ingredient Increasing Your Belly Fat? It lurks in almost all processed and prepackaged food. High Fructose Corn Syrup (HFCS), now also called “Corn Sugar” (sneaky), may be undermining your fitness goals. Happily, by being armed with the knowledge I am going to share with you, you can avoid this sweetener and win another… Continue Reading