Champions Win the Day [Sport to Business Series]

This lesson is part of the Sport to Business Series, in which I share champion mindset and action-based habits from elite athletes and how they are applicable to winning in your business.

“Best interview! Full of passion!” Those were the word of Rancho Santa Fe-based business consultant, Paul Lemberg last week after intervewing one of my mentors, San Diego-based trainer to elite athletes, Todd Durkin.

One of the commands that Todd professes to himself, his athletes and employees is “Win the Day!”

When a great athlete steps on the field or court, he is committed to mini goals within that time block that make him better than the day before. For the batter it might be 5 more swings at practice. The swimmer wants to take one less stroke in becoming more efficient at gliding. A football, basketball or lacrosse player wants to do one more plyometric box jump in the conditioning workout to get more explosive off the mark. These are tangible goals that make the athlete better, while never letting the competition out-work him.

In business, “Win the Day” is a mindset that dominates winners.

The key is to set 3-5 tangible, mini goals that you are committed to achieving. Writing these down in a journal is highly effective. You’re already rolling around your to-do list in your head. The next step to cement it is to get it down on paper. I do this in the morning as part of my holy hour. And, I am less productive on the days that I skip this activity. The reason it is so successful it that you set yourself up for a win, and a series of little wins is what builds champions in sport and in business.

Let me know if you use some form, or other, of goal setting in you work. And, I’d be curious if you write it down, put it in a google spreadsheet, etc.

To Champion Living!