Crocodiles Can’t Keep Winners from the Goal

Passion Island sandbar

Passion Island sandbar is a sandy patch about 50 yards off the north end of Cozumel Island, Mexico. The winds are fairly strong there and it’s proven to be a great spot for local kite boarders to meet, fill their sails and pursue their love for the sport. My sister has taken to the sport over the last year and practically breathes it. She is always checking the wind and messaging her fellow kite boarders, most of whom are 20+ years her junior, so that they can seize every opportunity of good conditions. 

The big obstacle she and her other kite board addicts have to overcome is a large crocodile that owns the waters edge of Cozumel Island, which is the jumping off point to the sandbar. They have secured use of a boat to safely get to the sandbar. But, there are times that the boat has broken down or that somebody comes late and has to waive to the group to bring the boat back to shore for transport. When I went to visit one day I couldn’t get out to the sandbar because everyone was out on the waves and nobody was available to come get me in the boat. So, you see, this crocodile is just a nuisance.

I’ve been a bit fascinated with this drive and pursuit that she has considering the fickle winds and crocodile. This week my sister posted on Facebook to her friend: “bring your croc repellent.” I thought, “Yes!” Isn’t this what we have to do when we are driven to get to our own Passion Island sandbars?

Anytime you have a big goal or dream there will be crocodiles in various forms that will try to bite at you and keep you from your dream. Winners find away around them, right?