Evaluating Potential Partnerships for the Fitness Professional

A fitness professional, whom I met at a recent event, emailed for my advice on whether or not she should partner with one or both of the big brands that reached out to her recently – having seen her work and videos.  Here’s the distilled line of questioning that I lead off with.  Let me know if it’s useful by clicking ‘Like’.

Will the partnership benefit you?

+ Is the brand recognizable to your demographic?

+ Will you get to use the brand in your marketing materials to create ‘authority bling’ (website banner, video intro, print material)?

+ Will you be able to offer discount coupon codes to your prospective clients – adds value to your offering.

+ Will you be able to, at some point, cross promote to a segment of their database (list)?

+ Would you get some cool, hip swag (always sweet!)?

+ Would you have to trade your time to promote their brand that would distract you from your focus and goals (trade shows, trainings)?