Finding Focus for Short-term Goals

Finding Focus for Short-term Goals

As I begin my 6 week count down to Ironman Cozumel, I’m needing to manage my time and energy in order to focus on solid swim, bike and run workouts. I have a goal of finishing in the top 10 in my age group, and it’s not going to have a chance of happening if I don’t laser focus.

Recently I heard a great illustration on focus by way of my friend Andy, who was teaching first graders a lesson at church. As I was listening, Andy shared about his buddy who climbed Mt. McKinley and needed to begin his hike at 3:30am in the dark so that he could summit and return to his car by sundown.

With the lights turned off in our room, Andy switched on his headlamp. The kids loved it. He shared how the climber, who was on a narrow path with shear drops on both sides, was safe when he had the single focus of following the light his headlamp projected ahead. It was only when the sun came up that the climber got distracted and started to look around, taking his eyes off the path. He had a few close calls and certainly stopped moving forward while admiring the flowers to his right and the snow on the pines to his left.

I need to be the climber with only the headlamp for the next few weeks. All other distractions need to be dimmed so that I can fulfill my training goals.

My Practice

Write It Down on Paper: On my computer or smart phone doesn’t get my action items in front of my eyeballs enough. I write them in a small spiral binder and have them on a white board.

Create a list of “I WILLs”: 3-5 ‘must do’s’ for the week. This list is not a laundry list of ongoing projects.

Weekly Check In: I’m held accountable for my results with a weekly Review Action call. I have a friend who I’ve been meeting with for 30 minutes each Friday. She shares her daily actions, and I do the same. Knowing that I have this meeting keeps me focused.

Feel free to join me in making a recommitment by posting one area where you have been trekking haphazardly! It could be a messy environment, or your late night nutrition.

To your champion-sized success!