Mari Smith - Relationship Marketing Specialist | Social Media Business CoachMari Smith – Relationship Marketing Specialist
Social Media Business Coach
“I always feel stronger, taller, fitter and much more energized after training with Ashley. I now have more energy and even more confidence on stage and I can keep up with my hectic global travels without feeling so exhausted.Though she pushes me much harder than I would ever push myself (thankfully!), I feel completely cared for and safe with her workouts. I know she believes in me and sees how much I’m capable of.

By investing in Ashley’s fitness services, my whole life has changed such that I’m more successful in my business, making more money with less effort, I have more energy, greater peace of mind, and less stress!

It’s the best feeling in the world to have someone completely in my corner, encouraging and motivating me to be my best self. If you get a chance to experience Ashley’s training, RUN, don’t walk!” www.MariSmith.com

Suzanne Falter-Barnes www.GetKnownNow.com
Suzanne Falter-Barnes
“When I started working with Ashley, I just wanted to swim longer and get stronger. Now, unexpectedly, she’s got me cross-training for mini- triathalons and swimming distances in open water I never thought possible. And I just turned 50!Thanks to Ashley, I’m pushing my own envelope, feeling and looking great, and loving it — even thought I’m frequently on the road! Boy, does this work!” www.GetKnownNow.com

Jennifer Fong - Direct Sales & Social Media ConsultantJennifer Fong –

Direct Sales and Social Media Consultant, Speaker


“I lost 12lbs in the first 28 days and I’ve lost 20lb total. I’m right where I want to be. I feel great. I’m really glad I found you.I admit that I hated exercise with my travel schedule. Had it not been for your program I would have never lost the weight that quickly. All of the travel would have knocked me off schedule.

Thanks again!” www.JenFongSpeaks.com

Louie LaChusa

San Diego, CA

“Before working with Ashley I was lost and did not take care of myself. I was living the viscous cycle of feeling depressed because I was over weight. I would lose 5 or 10 pounds here or there, only to gain it back.All my expectations of working with Ashley came true. I met my goal of losing 42lb in 12 weeks. She made sure I wasn’t going to injure myself with the workouts, but she raised the bar to keep me at my upper limits even when I didn’t believe I could handle it.

Ashley was truly committed to my success as much as I was. She offered positive praise through email and our phone coaching sessions, which was very helpful in pulling me up and over my walls and roadblocks. I could tell that Ashley has worked with enough people in their struggles around weight because she always had the right guidance to bring me forward using positive action steps. She let me know I was not alone, that I was in the right place. Ashley helped to bring out the love that I so needed for myself so that I would keep my commitment to better health and success.

I love myself so much and I am filled with joy. I have lots of energy, and I have my muscles without the fat around them. I love my body, and confidence. I am living in my Power!!”www.nativespiritsoulcolors.com

Jennifer Spinden    Spokane, WAJennifer Spinden

Spokane, WA

“Before working with Ashley I was going to the gym, but I was not being productive. Also, I was limiting myself. Now I feel strong, productive and energized. Her workouts are easy to follow and it’s been more than I would have done on my own. And, I have been surprised at how fast I have been able to increase my stamina and speed of the workouts.”