Flat Belly Foods for Carved Abs and Greater Health

The majority of my clients have always want to carve a sexy middle while feeling strong and fit.  They want to look good naked and clothed. Fitting into the jeans with a cute fitted top, instead of a bulky sweater to hide the flab. Feeling strong, with long, lean and defined legs and hips is more powerful and dynamic in the way we carry ourselves from posture to self confidence.

The struggle for achieving a flat belly has been common among my clients over the last 10 years. What I’ve discovered is that most of my clients think they are eating clean and some are doing cardio like a boss!  What I’ve discovered as a general rule is that the health and fitness industry is leading people down the wrong path. I opened a popular fitness magazine at the super market last week and read their plan for “six-pack Abs in 30 Days”. The nutrition would be a good start for someone with over 50 pounds to lose. But for the average hard working woman who wants to have the body of healthy, lean fitness competitor without hours in the gym it comes down to nutrition.

A calorie is not a calorie

If we follow the standard American diet and recommendations then bloat and autoimmune related diseases are more likely to occur. That is because the nutrition in foods don’t all stack up based upon calories. Too many Americans are following so-called “clean eating” plans and they are wondering why they still have a belly pooch. All calories are not the same. It’s important to weed out the foods that cause inflammation and carry the fewest nutrients. Inflammatory foods lead to the gut not absorbing max nutrients. So, if the foods are removed the body is nourished and it stops cravings, and bloat/cellulite move out and lean, defined muscles are visible. That’s what has happened for me and other whom I coach.

Flat Belly Foods Training FIRST 7 Days:

Fast forward 10 years, I’ve created a system of Flat Belly Foods + dense nutrient supplementation + restorative exercise + education and accountability. It’s my Flat Belly Foods Training Course, which is delivered over 21 days in my Online Learning Lounge.

Average Weight Loss 7.6 pounds - Week 1
WEEK 1 Result

The above graphic was something I mashed up to share with the course participants.  But, the scale isn’t the end of the story, at all.

Great Health is True Wealth

The inches and weight loss are impressive but what is even more exciting to me is the greater health of all my students.

Susie (not her real name). “My migraines, loose bowels, gas and GERD (reflux) are sooo much better!”

Some common reports in week one: belly bloat, healthy gut, skin and increased energy are all high on the list from the most recent graduates of my Flat Belly Foods Training Course.

If smart people have the education to upgrade their health and habits to the next level we’re all greater for it.

Mainstream Health Experts Hinder Greater Health

For too long, mainstream health and fitness experts: doctors, nutritionists, fitness professionals etc., have pushed food plans, magazine articles and news pieces about foods that are actually keeping people inflamed, bloated, sick with autoimmune diseases and related symptoms.  I know that’s a bold statement and I’m ok if you have another opinion. I used to cringe since I was one of those folks.  Now, I know better. My family, friends and clients are enjoying better health, mental clarity, more energy, reduced cellulite, and digestion relief.

Results Get Personal

Flat Belly Foods Training has increased my energy and productivity and made me more confident in my own skin. After 2 kids and now in my late 40s, I can happily say that I feel I’m living my best years with mental clarity, clear skin and a flat belly.

My Flat Belly Transformation
My Flat Belly Transformation

I have my list of foods and I know WHY they work.  After three years of my prodding, my husband got on board over 6 months ago.  He is at his healthiest weight and his skin is super clear. Occasionally, he used to have acne on his back and now his skin hasn’t had any outbreaks. My clients who used to be chronic snackers – always looking for the next carb fix – are now in control with their sugars and food choices. Yay!

Meal Plan vs Food Education and Control

In June of 2015, I launched Flat Belly Foods Training to educate and share ‘the why’ behind the foods that aid in better health and yield a flat belly, clearer skin and help alleviate autoimmune related symptoms listed above. . In Flat Belly Foods Training Course I share the mistakes that most people make when trying to ‘clean up’ their diet. A big mistake is caloric restriction, while still including of inflammatory foods.  I’m both a teacher and a coach. So I educate you with the information that will help you make excellent future choice and feel great!

I often have people reaching out to me for a meal plan. And, for years I would write them up.  However, that is a band-aid. So, if you want another meal plan ‘Google’ it. But, if you want to have more peace, be empowered to know which foods to select when dining out or walking the grocery aisles that will keep your belly flat, hips lean, improve health then you need to invest in your education for 21 days and take care of you so that you can take care of others you love.

My friend Paula, is the a co-creator of Flat Belly Foods Training. She was once 60 pounds overweight and sick.  Please take a moment to hear from us about our course.

Overview of Flat Belly Foods Training Course:

Starter Kit – We identify your benchmark and the ideal amount of foods

from 4 specific food categories: Proteins, Primary Veggies, Healthy Fats and Low Carb Fruits.

Nutrient-Dense Supplement – 30 servings of Shakeology (vegan) to bolster your immune system, improve gut health and help with sugar cravings that show up. (safe for diabetics and low on glycemic index 7g sugar) sweetened with plant-based Stevia.

Restorative Core-based Workout – Workout calendar using non-impact restorative pilates and yoga style workouts to strengthen the core, improve posture and low back/hip imbalances and/or pain.

15 Educational Lessons – This is the best part. Many are video based lessons and will help empower you to question if your food choices are causing pain, and/or bloat in your body.

Accountability Tracker – We built this piece in so that we can help us help you to STAY ON TRACK each day.

Cost: $160 

My Love-Your-Better-Health Guarantee

If you follow the plan and don’t see any improvement in your health and/or inches lost (if that’s your sticky point) then return everything, get your investment back, and we’ll still be friends.

How to Apply, Now: