[Less Stress. More Joy] Day 2 – Wonder in the Simple and Ordinary


Moms, can you relate? Yesterday, my morning got a bit derailed. I had a cranky 10 year old and no matter how much I tried to turn that journey around, she wasn’t budging. So, my Joy Generator started to dial back it’s output.

Yesterday was one of the biggest launch days of the year for Beachbody. All my coach friends were buzzing and cranking. I wanted to jump on that wagon too. However, I knew that my mental state wasn’t right. So, instead of being grumpy on the computer I decided to fill up my Joy Tank. I took our two dogs on a mountain bike ride in the SoCal rain.

The trails at Lake Hodges were desolate. I was out for 90 minutes and only saw a few guys cutting up a fallen tree. What I did experience was priceless. I tuned into all the details of my ride:

  • wind on my face
  • rain making a tapping sound on my windbreaker
  • my breath falling and rising
  • the dogs running beside me
  • the mist hovering above the lake
  • mud flipping off my front tire

I found wonder in the simple and ordinary. I was fully present and my mind clear. I didn’t ‘miss out’ on anything yesterday. I came back connected and recharged.

I love what I do in helping people transform their lives with health and fitness. But, I love that I can do it on my terms, too!