Reframe Your Fears to Paint Positive Outcomes

Oftentimes, the things that are holding us back are fear-based – Fear of rejection, fear of failure, etc., and is seeps in by way of negative self-talk “what-ifs.” – “What if my boss thinks my idea is stupid.” or “What if I can’t stick to my diet.”

Here’s where the reframing comes in. Instead of painting unhealthy images with negative sentences, we need to retrain our brains to start asking POSITIVE “what-if” questions… “What if my boss loves the idea?  Productivity and morale at work would improve, I would be seen as a leader, and possibly even get a promotion!” or “What if I learn to love the way I feel eating healthier foods and exercise? I will have more energy, and fit in those jeans again!”

Todays action:
Take three fears that have been holding you back and reframe into positive “what-if” statements. Comment below with your three statements if you want support.12205075_10206841178742207_1667816991_n