The Fat Lurking Ingredient

Is this ingredient Increasing Your Belly Fat?

It lurks in almost all processed and prepackaged food.

High Fructose Corn Syrup (HFCS), now also called “Corn Sugar” (sneaky), may be undermining your fitness goals. Happily, by being armed with the knowledge I am going to share with you, you can avoid this sweetener and win another battle toward getting lean.

In a Princeton study, rats that were fed a diet high in HFCS gained significantly more weight than rats that were fed regular table sugar, even though their overall calorie intake was equal. Further, this fat was especially concentrated in the abdomen. And unlike obesity that occurs when rats are fed a high-fat diet, every single rat became obese on the high HFCS diet!

Given the current epidemic of obesity and the rampant use of HFCS in our foods, this news explodes with significance for your fitness strategy.

Eat Smarter

What can you do? Eat smarter. HFCS hides in a multitude of processed foods: ice cream, salad dressings, breads, pasta sauces, soft drinks, yogurt, cereals, mayonnaise, fruit juices, ham, ketchup, soups, and a host of others. Make it a habit to read labels and limit the amount of food you eat that contains HFCS.

Look for Alternatives

Many companies are now coming out with products that are HFCS-Free. When you have a choice between a product with HFCS and a product with sugar, choose the product with sugar. (Of course, reducing sugar is important too, but sugar is much less damaging to your body than HFCS)

Reverse the Effects

As you begin reducing the HFCS in your diet, take action against your current belly fat: go to the following links to find a couple of exercises that will target your belly fat and start reversing the effects of any HFCS in your diet.

Reverse Crunch for flat belly

Modified V-Up for tight abs

Join the discussion at to share your own strategies for winning the battle against HFCS or any other processed food. We all learn from each other!