What is an Elite Team Beachbody Coach

Elite Beachbody Coach is announced every January. This post is to show you what activities are measured to be recognized as on of the top teams in the network and to share some of the benefits and how you anyone can have the support to earn elite recognition.

Elite is not a result of personal retail sales. It is the recognition of a team effort and I share “what it takes to be an Elite Coach” below. But, for the past three years Elite coach has included personal and team achievements, including access to hot new products and trainings, along with the satisfaction of knowing that for three years we have been taking the seemingly insignificant actions to yielded smashing results by helping people, while having fun!

An Elite Team Beachbody Coach is recognized for 3 key actions, above helping customers achieve their health goals:

1. Mentoring new coaches to start their businesses simply and successfully out of the gate.
2. Helping new coaches earn an income that pays for their own product, and then some!
3. Leading a team of coaches through easy and duplicable systems that fit into a part-time schedule.

I’ve been a coach for 3 years and every year I’ve lead our team to the top .01%. In 2015, we finished in the top 163 out of 230,000 coaches in the network. Impressive considering we have all different types of Beachbody Coaches on our team from all over the USA and Canada. We have stay-at-home moms, fitness professionals, healthcare professionals, educators, administrative assistants, corporate executives, and students.Screen Shot 2015-01-17 at 9.38.44 AM

Here are the 5 top benefits of earning Elite Coach:

1. Satisfaction that I’m upgrading the lives of our team of coaches and the customers who are having breakthrough physical and mindset transformations.
2. Travel perks and trainings, most of which is re-invested in team trainings.
3. Recognition within our coach network at events and publications. It’s a solid reminder that our team knows how to create wins.
4. First glimpse of new products, workouts and training tools. For example, we just got the confidential copy of 21 Day Fix Extreme which hadn’t been released yet.
5. VIP gifts and perks: cutting edge trainings, personal development, first class accommodations at our events and parties, some of which allow me to bring a coach along – my favorite time!

First Class Cruise Perks
First Class Trip Rewards

What does it take to be an Elite Coach:

1. Ability to do the simple things over time on a consistent basis.
2. Create a culture that includes and respects the strengths and talents of the team. Less “I” and more “me”. Note: You’ll rarely hear “my team” out of my mouth even though I’m the captain, so to speak.
3. Hand down easy trainings that anyone can fit into a part-time schedule.


Anyone can be an Elite Coach

Yes! If I can do it in my first year, so can you! I will show you how. If you want to me and our Elite team of coaches to be your lifeline to better fitness, finances and mindset apply for my next coach apprentice program.

I’ll ask you the question I ask my coaches, “What if you give it a shot and let me support you and teach you the few simple skills to help you reach your goals?”

[Update 2017] Can you be successful and not Elite?

YES! In fact, I’m now 6 years into partnering with Beachbody’s tools to support people and I spend more of my time growing others to achieve their goals. Many want to supplement an income for fun extras: kids’ camps, vacation, car payment, etc.

Apply here to get started with Team Upgrade today by CLICKING HERE.elite beachbody coach