Are Your Core Muscles Causing Back or Neck Pain?

Weak core muscles can be exhausting.

Oh, my back!” Do you ever utter those words? How are your neck and shoulders feeling? If you are struggling with pain in your lower back, neck or shoulders, your core muscles may be to blame. Your core muscles include those in your spine, pelvis, hips, and abdominal areas. When strong, these muscles support your spine, aid in correct posture, and make everyday physical tasks easier–from standing for long periods to retrieving something from the top of your closet. They aid in balance and assist the transfer of energy from your trunk out through your limbs. Nearly every move you make originates from your core: if your core is strong, your whole body feels better. Important, right?!

But what if your core is weak? Since these muscles orchestrate much of your daily movement, that movement is going to feel like you are exerting a lot of effort: weak muscles are more difficult to engage than strong ones. This will likely result in fatigue. Also, core muscles that are weak and unable to do their jobs put you at a higher risk of injury from everyday activities, because your other muscles will be strained as they attempt to take up the slack. Result? pain and spasms. Poor posture is another consequence of a weak core, and this can throw your spine out of alignment. It’s all downhill from there.

There is relief. Start enjoying the benefits of a stable, strong core by following this link to three exercises that will put you on the road to a strong, balanced body. Love your body by targeting core muscles in your workout!

Feel your best!