PiYo Workout Results and Review


“PiYo has the benefits of massage and physical therapy masked as a fun workout.” – Ashley Mahaffey


PiYo Results – The Quick List:

Reduced: stress levels, lower body fat, elimination of cellulite, low back and hip pain due to poor flexibility.

Gains: defined, lean muscles, significant hip flexor and hamstring flexibility, improved posture, more mindful and focused in other areas of my life.


In the Spring of 2014 my life opened up.

I was asked by Beachbody, LLC. to participate in a test group for their new, at-home PiYo DVD workout program prior to its public launch. Honestly, I didn’t jump up and down when I got the email request. I was a college coach and NCAA Div. I athlete and ironman triathlete. I get bored with traditional mind/body fitness, like pilates and yoga. So, when ask I did pause to ask few technical questions, including, “What is PiYo?” Then, proceeded to follow the workout and nutrition guide for the prescribed 8 weeks.

What is PiYo?

PiYo is the best of pilates and yoga, simply choreographed to fun, uplifting music and led by fitness trainer, Chalene Johnson. The workouts fit nicely with my limited time. The bulk of the workouts are 18-35 minutes, with the longest, ‘Drench’, at 45 minutes. Chalene does an excellent job of cueing so that you are checking your form and know what is coming next. She is one of the most encouraging and inspiring trainers. I did sweat… a lot. However, this workout is low impact. The focus is on flexibility and strength. The muscles are stretched and imbalances are corrected, which has been great for me since I had tight hip flexors from sitting and being prone in the aero position on my triathlon bike. Also my shoulders were rounded from leaning over in my aero bars, the computer and steering wheel. The worst pain, which had been chronic for almost a year was in my right-side hip, glutes and low back due to poor flexibility in hamstrings. PiYo corrected all of my nagging problems. I feel and look great!


Week 7 PiYo Results


PiYo is Easy Nutrition

I like simple. As a personal trainer, when I’m working with a client I know that they are more likely to adhere to a plan if they have the option to “add” something instead of feeling like all is being taken away. Additionally, most of my clients work well when the have limited choices. The PiYo nutrition is very good. It’s easy to calculate the level of caloiric needs and then follow one of the four food plans. I never felt deprived or hungry. I added Shakeology, the nutrient dense superfood shake, to my morning routine. Actually, I have been using that for 3 years so it wasn’t truly and ‘add’ for me. However, many of my clients who have gone on to do PiYo have added Shakeology, although it’s not required. Here is a short video where I explain how I experimented with a few of my own twist to the nutrition plan to help me get my results.

PiYo Approved Meal

PiYo Approved Meal


Can you Relate?

Maybe you’re not an athlete like me but how about needing to increase your flexibility, have more definition without high impact workouts? The thought of taking a yoga class to “stretch out” is about as exciting to me as watching paint dry. Traditional yoga music does not inspire me. So, I’ve spent my time and dollars going to massage and physical therapy sessions to deal with chronic pain that had settled in my right low back, into my hip and glute area. Those therapy session were great but I’d always have to go back and get another fix to feel at my best.


My PiYo Review and Results

I share with my clients that PiYo is massage and physical therapy masked as a fun workout. I don’t walk away from PiYo workouts feeling spent and trashed. I come away sweaty, restored and inspired. Pushing play every day and following the nutrition plan has helped clear up the little bit of cellulite I had on my legs, built core strength, increased my balance, defined and lengthened my muscles. I’ve found it something I look forward to doing regularly because Chalene is positive and the workout targets my whole body. I’ve had several triathletes go through the program and they are faster in their sport due to increased flexibility. Personally, my race times are faster and I have no injuries. Here is my short video testimonial with expanded results.



Since my own transformation, I’ve coached dozens of people through their own PiYo workout. Here are a few success stories:

Katie H. - Mom of 3 young boys

Katie H. – Mom of 3 young boys


high school athletes

high school athletes

Triathletes - Wanda. B

Triathletes – Wanda. B

Who is PiYo for?


  • athletes
  • those with muscle imbalances and/o poor posture
  • people short on time
  • moms looking to get tight abs post-partum
  • seekers of less stress
  • people needing flexibility


If you’re looking for a simple, effective route to increase your flexibility, gain long, lean defined muscles and increase your performance in athletic competition then you should pick up PiYo.


My PiYo Results

My PiYo Results

Fun Shopping for Smaller Sizes

Fun Shopping for Smaller Sizes

How to Get Started with Me as Your Coach

Option 1. Buy the Challenge Pack through me, which is what I did, which includes PiYo DVDs, workout calendar, food guide and 30 days of Shakeology. I will connect with you over the phone and help you go through the beginning phases so that you feel confident with the nutrition and workout calendar.


Challenge Pack (November Pricing): $140 (reg. Price $160) for the Shakeology and the PiYo 8 week program here is the link:


Option 2. Want a discount? If you’re wanting to do Shakeology for the entire 8 weeks like I did then I suggest you sign up to get the preferred coach pricing (saves you 25%). Basically, you get the Challenge Pack and and your Coach sign up fee is waived.  Your savings kicks in on month two when you’ll need your next shipment of Shakeology for weeks 5-8.  You save about $22.  At checkout you’ll just select PiYo Challenge Pack. Link here


Feel free to email me with any questions or to get in my next challenge group: ashley @ ashleymahaffey.com


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