Reframe Your Fears to Paint Positive Outcomes

Oftentimes, the things that are holding us back are fear-based – Fear of rejection, fear of failure, etc., and is seeps in by way of negative self-talk “what-ifs.” – “What if my boss thinks my idea is stupid.” or “What if I can’t stick to my diet.” Here’s where the reframing comes in. Instead of… Continue Reading

Flat Belly Foods for Carved Abs and Greater Health

The majority of my clients have always want to carve a sexy middle while feeling strong and fit.  They want to look good naked and clothed. Fitting into the jeans with a cute fitted top, instead of a bulky sweater to hide the flab. Feeling strong, with long, lean and defined legs and hips is… Continue Reading

What is an Elite Team Beachbody Coach

Elite Beachbody Coach is announced every January. This post is to show you what activities are measured to be recognized as on of the top teams in the network and to share some of the benefits and how you anyone can have the support to earn elite recognition. Elite is not a result of personal… Continue Reading