The answer to, “should you sign up for that fitness course/certification…”

probably, not (assuming you already have at least one training certification under your belt).

A better question would be “what part of your business needs a ‘check up’ in order to make you better?”

When you’ve solved your lead generation, marketing, pricing, systems, team building, and additional revenue streams then, the cost of the extra fitness certification might be worth it.

If  you can’t make it better, hire someone who can.


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Let Your Audience Tell You How to Sell to Them – Confessions of a Female Fitness Professional #2

Prospective client: “How Much Does Is Your Programming?” When a prospect asks me that question right from the start I now respond, “I’m not even sure that I can help you.  Why don’t you tell me what your challenges and goals are first.” Getting your client to talk about themselves will always allow you toContinue Reading

Confessions of a Female Fitness Professional #1

There aren’t enough training hours I could bill that would make up for lost experiences with those I love. 

Is Sugar Really Bad for You?

What could be more comforting that sugar? We love it in our drinks, deserts and have even come to expect it in our salad dressings and soups. Sugar conjures up happy memories, warm feelings and satisfies our cravings. But is that brownie poisoning you? Yes, it is. The research is indisputable: sugar is bad forContinue Reading

May 1240 Glute Challenge

Besides looking great in a pair of jeans, strong glutes are great hip stabilizers. Runners, cyclists and all other athletes need powerful glutes. Objective: Complete 1240 cursty lunge/squats by the end of May. That’s 20 on each leg for 31 days. Daily: 20 Curtsy lunge/squats on each leg. The Kicker!: You need to use aContinue Reading